Click here for couples help at

Click here for couples help at

Professional Approach and Understanding

Thank you for your professional approach and understanding. Well done Maam.

You Gave Me Really Good Advice

I don’t know what I would have done without being able to talk with you. You gave me really good advice and a lot of information that I will end up using the rest of my life.

I Appreciate So Much

I appreciate, so much, your help. It’s obvious that you are very good at what you do!

Makes Me Feel At Peace

This process is so good at relieving my anxiety and stress; makes me feel at peace so it’s very helpful. Thank you.

Thank you once again

Thank you so much. I am more focused than I have ever been in my life. Thank you once again.

Thanks Nina

Thanks Nina… you are literally a life saver at the moment. This whole process certainly highlights how much growing I have to do to help me make the changes I need to make to become the person that will attract someone as wonderful as him into my life.

I Will Always Remember You

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The quality of my and our lives has been improved immeasurably. I will always remember you and come back to you if I need help in the future.

I Have Thanked God For You

I have thanked god for you, thanks ever so much for your help.

Thank You Very Much

Thank you very much. I had a really amazing experience with the light exercise this morning too. I woke up too early, as I have been and decided to take the time to do those exercises. I really felt the light this time and felt the healing power. I definitely felt the power of God as well. It was very soothing and connecting. I told my sister and my mom today and they are both being so supportive and non-judgmental.
Thanks for your ongoing support. It is really helping me be stronger.