About Nina

Nina Potter is the author of the forthcoming book:
How To Never Be Unhappy In A Relationship Again

Her Mission and Philosophy on life:
“My deepest passion is to raise consciousness and increase happiness because when you’re happy, you have a positive effect on everyone you encounter and it ripples out from there. What a wonderful world we can create together!” … Nina Potter

What she’s working on:
Learning Sailing skills so she can provide coaching, workshops, and retreats in an exciting atmosphere on the water.  She will be joining the Captain in performing wedding and commitment ceremonies after your customized pre-commitment, pre-marital or advanced partnership training under sail… and of course, the book!

Nina is actively coaching singles and couples in St. Paul, Minnesota (by phone and in person) where she helps her clients discover the joy and peace that comes from liberation from unconscious living. Whether it’s finding your ideal mate, saving your marriage, or creating a better partnership than you have ever had, you CAN have what you seek. She guides you to get crystal clear on your goals and vision and then helps you identify and remove unresourceful habits of thinking and behaving that are obstacles to your freedom.

Nina teaches classes on Conscious Dating, Radical Marriage, and Accelerated Learning through whole mind reading.

Nina is a graduate of and has assisted in the training of Meta Institute’s Interactive Therapeutic Coaching ® Program and Pat Vitale’s Advanced Techniques in Therapeutic Coaching ®. Followed by training with self-actualization master and 4th generation Matchmaker,  Dr. Terry Brussell-Gibbons.  She continues her on-going training as a Lifetime Member of RCI (Relationship Coaching Institute) and mentoring with Dr. Lee Baucom through Save The Marriage.  She has completed the entire HeartMastery training through HeartMath Institute as well as Tim Kelly’s Voice Dialogue Practitioner Training and Lion Goodman’s Belief Close Training. Nina is a non-stop lifelong learner and is always learning new practices to share with her colleagues and clients.

Nina’s background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in finance and state licensing in Real Estate, Insurance, and Securities. She has worked successfully in accounting, real estate, financial planning, industrial equipment sales, and education. (And discovered that CEO’s don’t like to hear laughter from the Accounting Department!)

Nina works extensively to enhance her mental, physical, and spiritual awareness to encompass many philosophies and world views (and learned the perfect term “Possibilian”). She believes that the most effective coaching teaches you HOW to make the changes within yourself in order to develop life-long habits of achieving what you really want.

Relationship Coaching Institute:

  • Relationship Coaching for Singles
  • Pre-Committed Couples Coaching
  • Pre-Marrital  Couples Coaching
  • Advanced Partnership Couples Coaching
  • Life Coaching

Meta Institute:

  • Certified Therapeutic Coach Training ®
  • Certified Master Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and (HNLP)

Learning Strategies, Inc.:

  • Certified PhotoReading Instructor

Enlightened Alliances:

  • Certified Passion Test Facilitator


  • BS in Business Administration


  • Minnesota Coaches Association